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You may be surprised to hear that water makes up around 70% of your average skincare products – leaving just 25% of the product made up of “actives”, the skin-beneficial ingredients. This means that the majority of your skincare products are mostly made from H2O – not exactly the most beneficial ingredient for your skin!

Waterless products are more concentrated as they contain a much higher level of actives, meaning their formulas are more potent and give better results for your skin. 

Applying water-based products to the skin could actually be causing more issues than you first though, here's why you should consider switching your skincare routine to a waterless one:
Water-based products can actually dehydrate the skin by affecting skin’s moisture levels. Applied directly to the skin, water can disrupt the balance of natural oils, since water and oil are repellents. Natural oils make up part of your skin’s natural barrier against moisture-loss. If you upset this balance, your skin can be left dry, irritated and exposed to this damage – oil isn’t always bad for your skin!
When you apply water to your skin, it can evaporate and take your skin’s moisture with it – once again causing dehydrated and dryness. 
Just like any living creature, bacteria need water to survive. This means that water-based products need a whole heap of stabilisers and preservatives to stop the bad bacterias from getting out of hand in your skincare products and on your skin.
When it comes to ingredients, water is one of the cheapest, which is why it makes up such a high percentage of your average skincare products. By using water as a ‘filler’, products are more diluted and therefore not as concentrated as you might think.

No water means more potent, concentrated formulas – providing faster, more noticeable results and better benefits for your skin.

Waterless products are largely made up of botanical extracts or oils and don’t contain water as an added ingredient. Extracts and oils are therefore more easily absorbed by the skin and can sink in to the deeper layers, providing better benefits both on the surface and beneath.
Waterless products don’t require many stabilisers or preservatives as there’s no food for the bad bacterias, giving them better stability and a longer shelf-life than water-based products. Waterless and preservative-free formulas leave yet more room for actives and other beneficial ingredients – no nasties here!

Go Green! 
Waterless skincare quite simply saves water – one of the planet’s most precious resources. 

Go waterless!

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