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Our dry Enzyme Peel Mask is a blend of natural power of plants, fruitsseaweeds to give the skin a new radiance. Our mask captures the natural exfoliating power of pineapple enzymes to gently eliminate dead skin cells. The skin is nourished, brightened and the complexion recovers its radiance.

With liquid masks, the ingredients are already activated whereas in powder masks they are not. Because the ingredients aren’t activated yet, it allows for a longer shelf life since there are no preservatives or active ingredients.

Because there is no need for preservatives in powder masks, each ingredient in the jar has a purpose, and is not filler. This means you are soaking up every bit of goodness that each ingredient has to offer.


Best for all skin types, incl. sensitive






100% Natural and Eco   

free from artificial scents   

* toxic free



50 ml

Shelf  life   18 months

Use within 6 months of opening

Enzyme Peel Mask

  • Simply mix equal parts of powder & fluid (use tap water, flower water, freshly squeezed juice, warm dairy or plant milk or yoghurt, so you can enjoy a different experience each time) to achieve a creamy paste, apply to a cleansed face (make up removed), leave on for about 10-15 minutes then rinse off. 1heaped teaspoon is usually enough for facial applications. 

    The all-important reason to never let your clay mask dry completely, otherwise, your skin can get irritated and, well, too dry. 

    Mix all the powders in a wooden, plastic or glass bowl, because it will cause the clay to lose its negative charge.


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