OleoGel is free of water, so it can be packed without preservatives. The gel texture effortlessly removes all impurities and intense makeup. It contains a unique combination of natural emulsifiers and organic oils, whose innovative consistency changes into a delicate cleansing milk after mixing with water, thoroughly cleanses, providing moisturized and silky soft skin. An effective face wash that reduces inflammation and relaxes the skin. Provides nourishment and elasticity to the skin.

You will feel comfort and well-being during and after use.


All skin types.






100% Natural and RAW

* pH-balanced   

* unscented

* water-less

* free from parabens   

free from sls, silicones, palm oil
* free from preservatives

* toxic free



Shelf  life   18 months

Use within 6 months of opening

OleoGel – face cleanser & make up remover

  • Apply with your fingers (dry hands) the cleanser on dry skin.
    Massage in small circular motions until the gel is completely melted on your skin.
    Add a little water so that the gel transforms into milk and continue to massage.
    Rinse well.

    You can also apply it on wet skin (it will turn directly into milk), massage and rinse with water, then remove the rest of product with the cotton wipe.