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Water- and sweat-resistant up to 80 minutes. This soothing, ultra-protective, broad-spectrum formula cream on pure zinc oxide(non nano) , combined with all-natural shea butter, oils & vitamins , works for every one, from baby, sensitive to acne-prone skin.



Best for all skin types, incl.sensitive & prone.





100% Natural and RAW

* pH-balanced   

* free from artificial scents

* free from parabens   

* free from sls, silicones, palm oil
* free from preservatives

* toxic free


50 ml

Shelf  life   18 months

Use within 6 months of opening




Clean Zinc Cream spf35 uva/uvb

  • Tak a small amount of Clean Zinc Cream, then smooth on—the lightweight, sheer cream sinks in instantly for safe, incredibly easy protection.

    Oil-based formulas means a high concentration of active ingredients and a little is all you need for effective results. Suitable for all skin types, including oily.

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