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We created a formula that is just as safe as  effective. Designed without aluminium and baking soda, this formula uses kaolin clay and arrowroot powder to help control moisture and odor. Nourishing plant oils and butters soothe and condition the skin, and a potent of Bergamot essential oil keeps you smelling fresh throughout the day. 


What should you expect during your transition to a natural deodorant?

You should expect your armpits to smell a little pungent for the first couple of weeks, by the third week, you might notice that you’re sweating a little more as your body is working harder to get rid of the last of the bacteria and chemicals. If you’re noticing random patterns during the final 2-weeks of your detox such as not smelling for a whole week and then smelling a little funky for one day, this is completely normal and it is just your body’s way of regulating itself.


Best for all skin types, incl.sensitive.





100% Natural and RAW

* pH-balanced   

* free from artificial scents

* free from parabens   

* free from sls, silicones, palm oil
* free from preservatives

* toxic free


50 ml

Shelf  life   18 months

Use within 6 months of opening

Natural Deodorant Cream

  • Simply use your finger to rub a pea-sized (or as needed) amount into each armpit. For external use only. Discontinue if rash or irritation occurs; do not use on broken skin.

    Oil-based formulas means a high concentration of active ingredients and a little is all you need for effective results. Suitable for all skin types, including oily.

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